Most common myths about gynecomastia are far from the truth by a long shot. Most people are misinformed about this condition that is known to cause enlarged male breasts.

Patients with gynecomastia often suffer tons of social embarrassment. For instance, they’d wear double shirts and avoid going topless because of the condition.

The myths and misconceptions about gynecomastia again don’t make suffering from the condition any easier for the patients.


It Is Only Found in Overweight Men

This is not true. In fact, anyone can suffer from enlarged male breasts regardless of their weight. Some people think the condition can only occur when you fail to take care of your physical fitness. Again,not true.

Actually, excess fat and gynecomastia are not in any way related. The real causes of man boobs could be hormonal imbalances, genetics, or health conditions. Drugs, medications, and steroid use are also factors to blame.


It Can Be Fixed Through Diet and Exercise

Not exactly. Most men suffering from gynecomastia turn to dieting and exercise thinking that their breasts will shrink. However, as mentioned earlier, that excess fat on your chest area has nothing to do with your physical fitness.

Another common reason for enlarged male breasts is excess tissue on the breast glands. These tissues can’t be reduced through exercise.

The best way to get rid of excess tissue in the breast gland is through a male breast reduction surgery.


There is No Cure for Gynecomastia

Not true. There are several options for treating this condition.

Most people have been made to believe this lie. There are certainly ways to treat the condition.

For example, if the condition is caused by an underlying medical condition, it’s best to treat the underlying condition instead.

Other times, the use of certain medications can also cause gynecomastia. Changing them for alternatives could be the solution to your enlarged male breasts.

If these don’t work, the only other option left is man breast reduction surgery. This can be done through liposuction or removal of the breast gland with excess tissue.

The surgery is a one-time procedure performed under local anesthesia. It normally takes a couple of hours and patients recover in one or two days.

Consult a certified doctor to find out whether you’re a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery before attempting a procedure.


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