Top Reasons for Wanting Breast Augmentation

Women have many different reasons for wanting breast augmentation. For some, breast size is an important part of feeling healthy, attractive, and confident. You can work hard to get fit and slim down, but if you aren’t born with the breasts you love, surgery may be your best option. Breast augmentation in the Tampa Bay Area at Solomon Cosmetic Center is the choice of women who want to be their most confident and lead their best life.

Technology and improved surgical procedures have made it possible for just about any women to have the breasts of her dreams. With the help of George Solomon, M.D., it’s more accessible and more affordable and above all: it’s safe. All of his surgeries are performed as an out-patient basis in his new surgical suite located in his office in Clearwater, Florida. Having his own surgical center, he is able to keep prices low and more than competitive!

Dr. Solomon is one of the most experienced and well-trained breast augmentation doctors in all of Florida. He has done thousands of breast augmentations in his 20 years of experience.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons for Wanting Breast Augmentation:

  1. Look better with and without your clothes: Yes, he included both. There are many women who have issues when buying bras, blouses or especially strapless tops. Breast augmentation is a glorious procedure as women can actually get the size they’ve always wanted and those clothing problems are history. What about looking good naked? I think this point is pretty clear to us.
  2. Increase positive self-image perception: Everyone is unique, and that is something that women considering breast augmentation need to understand before even considering the procedure. Breast augmentation can improve physically the beauty you already own. When you feel your best, it helps to increase your confidence and self-esteem.
  3. Recover your breast appearance after pregnancy: It’s no secret that having birth can reduce dramatically the breast size and cause breast to sag. With breast augmentation you can recover the way your breast looked before the pregnancy and even look way better than before!
  4. Look younger as with time breasts tend to sag: Gravity acts up on your breasts with time and make them look saggy and even size changes, so definitely breast augmentation can make older women look and feel younger.
  5. Correct uneven breasts: Our body is full of asymmetries and breasts are no exception. However, there are women in which this asymmetry is quite notorious. This procedure can be completely personalized to each patient and place different implant sizes so that lack of asymmetry can be improved.


Dr. George Solomon Can Help

All this said, choosing to reap the benefits of breast augmentation is a highly personal decision and should never be undertaken lightly, especially when opted for to please someone else or to meet another person’s expectations.

No matter your shape or size, you can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of breast augmentation. If you are considering following through with any sort of similar procedure, contact Dr. George Solomon, a renowned cosmetic surgeon whose utmost goal is to help his patients achieve their personal aesthetic goals in a caring and relaxing environment.

His new office is in beautiful Clearwater, Florida and served the entire Tampa Bay area including Palm Harbor, Largo, Brandon, Dunedin, and Belleair.


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