A breast implant procedure is an increasingly popular way to enhance breast size and shape for women in Tampa, FL.

On average, breast implants range in size from 300-400cc – about the size of a grapefruit. It is essential to consider your breast cosmetic surgery options carefully at a breast implant center in Tampa.

A qualified cosmetic surgeon must be consulted before any form of breast augmentation. This is because many factors affect the desired outcome of the breast implant.

These include determining how much additional volume is desired and what type of implant might be best suited to achieve the desired result. In addition, it will also include where the incision should be placed and whether a breast lift is necessary to achieve symmetry.

Carefully considering all these factors can make all the difference in achieving beautiful results tailored to fit your body type and lifestyle for breast implants.

Dr. George Solomon is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon who has been in the industry for over two decades. A cosmetic consultation with Dr. Solomon will educate you about your options and put your mind at ease before scheduling a procedure.

Getting the most out of your consultation can be as simple as being honest about what your expectations are and the goals you wish to achieve.

Dr. George Solomon wants you to explore your options, learn more about the procedures, and get to know our team. You can ask questions, voice concerns, see before and after photos, and learn about your options.

Our friendly, highly-trained staff will make you feel welcome and comfortable throughout the process. In addition, Dr. Solomon will create a plan customized to your individual needs and desires.

You will review hundreds of photos and explore your options. There will also be many other opportunities to visualize your results depending on your procedure of choice! For instance, breast augmentation patients can “try on” implants to understand what size and shape may work best.

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The Different Breast Implant Sizes Available

Choosing breast implants can be challenging, but with an experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. George Solomon, it is pretty straightforward. This is because he will guide you and help you pick the right size for your body shape.

Various breast implant sizes are available depending on the desired breast augmentation results you wish to achieve.

It’s good to know that, just like your natural breasts, breast implants in Clearwater are not all equal. They are usually available in different sizes, designed to accommodate different body shapes.

When Dr. Solomon says ‘implant size,’ he refers to the volume in cc. There are many other measurements to consider when choosing your final shape and cup size.

To better understand the different sizes for breast implants in Tampa, have a look at the three primary measurements used;


Implants are measured in volume – cubic centimeters or cc, rather than the cup size.

  • A small breast implant in Clearwater can range from 150-200cc.
  • The most popular breast implant is between 300 and 350 ccs.
  • A large breast implant has a volume of 400cc.
  • A huge implant can go as high as 800cc or more. Big implants, however, usually come with big problems.

Implant Diameter

A diameter or base is the breast implants width that shapes the breast’s outline. This helps determine the right fit for you.

The diameter for most breast lift surgeries in Clearwater and Tampa is between 7.4 cm and 17.2cm. Choosing the correct width is essential to maintaining natural-looking breasts.

Implant Profile

For breast implant surgery in Tampa, ‘profile’ refers to the distance your breast or the implant will project out of your chest. In addition, the shape is measured in terms of low, moderate, and ultra-high. This depends on the desired outcome.

Here’s a look at what this exactly means:

Low-profile implants:

  • Have minimal projection.
  • Are flat in appearance.
  • Are Ideal for wider chests.

Moderate breast implants in Clearwater:

  • Are the most natural-looking.
  • Are ideal for narrow and small chests.

High-profile breast implants:

  • Have maximum projection.
  • Are very prominent and rounded.
  • Are ideal for narrow chests.

Impact of Size Implant on the Cup Size

Cup sizes are used to communicate the aesthetic you want to achieve. Dr. Solomon recommends that a 150-200cc breast implant in Clearwater is ideal if you want to go up one cup size.

The doctor will, however, take into account your build and height. A taller person may require a more significant implant volume to boost their cup size than a shorter person. Please remember that bra cup sizes also vary depending on the brands.

Dr. Solomon uses specific measurements of your breasts before and after the enhancement. If you wish to have breast augmentation in Tampa, you should know precisely what you want to see as the result and share it with the doctor.

The below chart estimates the exact cup size after breast augmentation in the Bay area:

  • 250 – 300cc Cup Size A and B
  • 300 – 350cc Cup Size A to C
  • 370 – 430cc Cup size A to D
  • 250 – 350cc Cup size B to C
  • 350 – 400cc Cup size B to D
  • 300 – 350cc Cup size A to C
  • 400 – 450cc Cup size B to DD
  • 300 – 350cc Cup size C to D
  • 370 – 450cc Cup size C to DD
  • 450 – 550cc Cup size C to E
  • 300 – 400cc Cup size D to DD
  • 450 – 600cc Cup size D to E

Here’s How to Pick the Best Breast Implant Size!

There are plenty of sizes for breast implants in Clearwater, as you can see above. But the key to having natural-looking breasts is picking the right size for your body. Most people who undergo breast augmentation surgery in Tampa wish to enhance their shape and size.

An improperly fitted breast implant could cause poor aesthetics and a horrible outcome. Nobody ever wants that! This is why picking the best cosmetic surgeon should be your number one priority!

There’s NO one-size-fits-all. Dr. Solomon has to consider the following factors that affect the look and feel of the implant:

  • Your body frame
  • Your torso size
  • Your natural breast tissue
  • Your skin capacity
  • Your ultimate cleavage goals

The Pros and Cons of each Implant Size and Cup Size Option

When considering breast surgery in Tampa, one of the most important considerations is getting the size of breast implants right. Whether you’re planning breast augmentation or breast revision, each size and cup option has pros and cons that you must weigh carefully.

Large breast implants may provide a more dramatic look for women looking for a significant change, but smaller breast implants may provide a more natural appearance with fewer complications.

Cup sizes also impact your decision because larger cups are designed for more projection, and smaller cups create a less dramatic look. When discussing these options with Dr. Solomon, ask questions about the expected outcome and potential complications associated with your breast implant size choice.


Which Implant Size and Cup Size is Right for Me?

Trying to decide which breast implant size and cup size are right for you is not that easy. Fortunately, the Solomon Cosmetic Center breast surgery in Tampa gives you access to the most experienced breast surgeon in the country.

Dr. George Solomon, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, can guide you through your breast augmentation journey with compassionate care. With the help of our experienced staff at Tampa Breast Surgery, you can make an informed decision regarding everything from breast implant sizes to choosing between saline or gel implants.

So, when making this critical decision about breast augmentation, let us clarify the different sizes of breast implants and which size fits you best!


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In a nutshell, there is no one size fits all answer when choosing the right breast implant and cup size for you.

It’s essential to consider your unique body type, desired look, and the pros and cons of each implant size and cup size option. This information can be used as a starting point, but ultimately, it’s best to speak with our cosmetic surgeon to determine which option is best suited for you.

Uncovering the answers isn’t always easy – if you’re having difficulty deciding which breast implant and cup size is correct, Dr. George Solomon has years of experience helping patients find the perfect fit for their bodies!

Moreover, he could also combine breast augmentation with the following procedures:

So don’t wait any longer; consult with us today, and don’t forget to check out our latest special offers!

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