Botox is the number one anti-aging treatment among women. Yet did you know that it’s becoming more and more popular with men? The number of Americian men getting Botox injections, which relax the facial muscles to minimize lines and wrinkles, has skyrocketed and the end is no where in sight!

Over the years, more and more importance has been placed on appearance in the work place. Dr. Solomon has seen an increasing number of professionals coming into Solomon Cosmetic Center in Clearwater. FL with the hopes of appearing younger and while competing with the younger people in their workplace. It’s not surprising considering the number of men getting botulinum toxin injections in the United States, (also known as Botox) totaled 453,281 in 2016. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, total cosmetic procedures for men is up to almost 10% of total procedures done on both men and women. Also, since 2000, the number of men getting injections has increased by 337 percent.

Job seekers who are 55 and over have a much more difficult time finding a job after being laid off or fired. The unemployment rate for those 55 and over is lower than for other ages, but a youthful appearance can only help a job seeker’s quest. Men are turning to their plastic surgeons and dermatologists in order to fill and get rid of wrinkles. However, extending a youthful look does not come cheap. is not covered by insurance and is not a one-time expense because the results are not permanent. Some men find Botox as an investment and even a way to advance their careers. It is not uncommon in today’s world to desire a youthful appearance in order to gain an edge during the interviewing process or land a promotion.

It’s also more acceptable for men among men who want a quick fix with no recovery time involved. The economy is a major factor, too.

Interested in Botox or any other fillers? We’ll tell you everything you need to know. Schedule your appointment for a consultation at Solomon Cosmetic Center in Clearwater, FL. part of Tampa Bay Area which includes Brandon, St. Petersburg, Largo, and Port Richey, Florida.


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