Dr. Solomon discusses the difference between where Botox & Facial Fillers go in the face as well as how they work.

A lot of patients come into the office and they don’t know the difference in Botox and fillers. Some of them have a crease in let’s say the nasolabial folds and they ask me, “can I put some Botox in there?” Well, let’s clarify that.

Botox, or there’s 2 different kind of things that we use for facial rejuvenation. Neuortoxins and then fillers. The neurotoxins basically are chemicals, like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin, and these neurotoxins basically paralyze or relax the muscle in the face; and it’s from face up, that’s where the neurotoxins usually go. There’s 3 areas. The most common areas that we use are what we call the frown line, which is the glabella, the frontalis, which is the forehead, and then the crow’s feet, which is on the side of the eye. And these are the three most common areas. Obviously you can put Botox in any other areas, and it has been used for other migraine headaches, opsepto headaches and other areas as well. But cosmetically, these are the 3 areas, the most common areas that we use it. Sometimes we’ll also use them in the lips for people that have rhytids or have wrinkles above the lips.

Fillers on the other hand, fills area or wrinkles that are what we call static wrinkles, vs the dynamic wrinkles that we use Botox for. So static wrinkles is any wrinkles that you have when you are not moving your face. Things like nasolabial folds, or the marionette lines, smile lines, or even like some areas in the chin areas. And sometimes we also fill what we call the temple hollow where this area in the temples gets kind of hollow or you have indentation in there. We can fill that as well. We also build up the cheeks with these fillers. And also under the eyes where sometimes you lose that fat pad.

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