Can you gain weight in the area where you have liposuction? Dr. Solomon answers.

“Every person is born with a constant number of fat cells, and that number is thought to be about five billion fat cells. These fat cells that you’re born with does not change with age, meaning that you do not, as you grow, you do not make more fat cells. But the fat cells are able to change depending on your diet. The fat cells can go from microns to a huge fat cell, and these fat cells, if you think of it as little balloon that has fluid in it. You know, it can expand, and all the stuff in it, depending on your diet, it can fill up with triglycerides or oils.

So if somebody is obese, that fat cell can expand. If somebody is not obese then that fat cell can be negligible or very, very small. When we do the liposuction, we are removing the actual fat cells. So these fat cells are gone forever. So even though you may not get more fat cells in this area and you’ll not regain any fat cells in this area, but if you gain weight, other fat cells elsewhere in the body can grow and can become bigger.

Let’s say you did your abdomen, and you gain weight later on, then you can gain weight in your breasts, in your arms, in your buttocks, or you can gain weight inside the abdomen, and this is what we call the visceral fat. And this is what you don’t want because the visceral fat is the one that is responsible for diabetes, heart disease, and all these metabolic diseases. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to that visceral fat surgically, because the visceral fat is really under the muscle, inside the gut. The only thing you can do is diet and exercise, and that’s how you make that fat shrink.”

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