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Category Archives: Brazilian Butt Lift

Tips for Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Butt augmentation is an appealing method to enhance your curves and renew your confidence. The Brazilian butt lift is the most popular augmentation option as it makes use of your body’s own fat stores to fill, lift and firm your backside. A few simple tips, like these from the , help ensure the best results after a […]

Brazilian Butt Lift | Who is a good candidate?

Dr. Solomon describes the ideal patient for Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure that adds shape and contour back into the buttocks. “Who is a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift? Obviously, this procedure is also a shaping procedure because we sculpt the body and also we transfer the fat to the buttocks. So, if […]

Brazilian Butt Lift | Dr. Solomon’s Signature Technique

Dr. Solomon describes his signature technique for the Brazilian Butt Lift, which was published in the American Journal Of Facial Plastic Surgery. Hi, I’m going to talk about Brazilian Butt Lift, a new technique that actually, I published in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, and that allows us to do Brazilian Butt Lift with […]

The Brazilian Butt Lift: Dr. Solomon’s Signature Procedure

In Palm Harbor, Florida, and the surrounding area, the weather is temperate year round. If it’s a nice day you could be wearing shorts, skirts, or even a bikini. If your backside is not your best feature, can reshape it with his signature procedure, the Brazilian Butt Lift, a safe form of cosmetic surgery that […]

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