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Category Archives: Facial Fillers

Correct Facial Volume Loss with Radiesse Injectable Filler

What is Radiesse? Patient had Radiesse Injectable filler to fill in her nasolabial folds along the side of her mouth, as well as her chin. Radiesse Injectable Filler is a revolutionary injectable filler, approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in treating facial volume loss such as nasolabial folds. It is composed of calcium hydroxylapatite […]

Botox & Injectables: Add Volume/Subtract Wrinkles

George Solomon, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, FLA, is ready to help you look your best for summer. When it comes to adding volume and subtracting wrinkles, the math is simple at The . Injectables are the answer to long-lasting results. If your lips are weak and not pouty or your forehead looks […]

Lip Augmentation Procedures

Dr. Solomon of describes the 2 types of procedures that can add volume and fullness into the lips. “For lip augmentation or plumping the lips, there are 2 different ways of doing that. You can use a filler, and most of the time what we use for that is hyaluronic acids because these are reversible; […]

Botox® vs. Facial Fillers | Video

Dr. Solomon discusses the difference between where Botox & Facial Fillers go in the face as well as how they work. A lot of patients come into the office and they don’t know the difference in Botox and fillers. Some of them have a crease in let’s say the nasolabial folds and they ask me, […]

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