Virtual Consultation


A virtual consultation provides consulting services supported by technology and is viewed by most people as a partial solution to the various and complex experience in surgical cosmetic procedures for people who can’t come into the office.  At Solomon Cosmetic Center, in Tampa, FL, we recognize the growing trend in out-of-area and international patients.  George Solomon, M.D., has developed a virtual consultation platform for these patients which allows him to interact with select patients via Skype, FaceTime, and similar programs to complete the consultation and pre-operative processes.

If you are interested in saving time and energy, traveling to our clinic and wish to get a rapid assessment of what plastic surgery might be able to do for you, then our Online Virtual Consultation may be for you. Busy Tampa Bay area moms and traveling professionals can also take advantage of this service.

Hundreds of patients have already tried our online image consultation services, and they appreciate the thoughtful feedback given by Dr. Solomon. At Solomon Cosmetic Center, you will receive an honest assessment of whether surgery is likely to help you.

This virtual consultation form is provided for patients who are considering plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancement procedures by Dr. Solomon. This information will give Dr. Solomon a general idea of your goals so that he can provide a better idea of what type of procedure you are a candidate for before your visit. He will then address other specific treatment options during your in-office appointment before surgery.


Dr. Solomon will request, prior to your virtual consultation, that you send images of yourself for the areas you would like to improve through surgery. Protecting your online identity is your responsibility and posting an unobscured image of yourself on the Internet is done solely at your own risk. Though your images are completely safe with us and will never be used for any other purpose beyond this basic evaluation, please be prudent on the Internet and protect your identity in your images by covering any personally identifiable areas, such as birthmarks, permanent jewelry, tattoos, and your eyes where appropriate.

Side-Views Are Important, Especially for Face, Nose, and Breast. In the case your area of interest is breast or facial, please be aware of long hair obstructing important details. In the case your area of interest involves eyes, please reveal the full brow and cheeks. For best results, please try to provide well-lit, focused, straight and level, front and SIDE views. The bigger the image, the better.

If you have questions about arranging a virtual consultation with Dr. Solomon, or if you would like more information before submitting the virtual consultation form, please call 727-288-9988 and schedule a time.

Virtual consultation provides the flexibility for patients to interact with Dr. Solomon from the convenience of any current location, rather than standard in-office consultations. Each patient will have dedicated virtual time with Dr. Solomon to discuss goals, review procedures, and address any questions or concerns. Our patient coordinator will then review financial information and assist in making arrangements for surgery and recovery.

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