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Tampa Breast Revision Surgery

Breast Surgery RevisionAlthough we wish it weren’t so, sometimes breast surgery revision for implants is necessary.  There are many reasons you might need a re-do of a prior breast implant surgery. Dr. George Solomon at Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa, FL, understands that you may have hopes, expectations, and even disappointments related to your prior surgery. Please know that Dr. Solomon will hear what you have to say and help you meet your goals. While many women choose to keep their implants for the entire life of the implant, there are several reasons breast implant removal may be necessary. In the case of certain breast revision surgeries, such as capsular contracture or saline rupture, removal of the implant is mandatory. Additionally, removal of implants may be desired for personal reasons. Patients may feel the original implants are too large or may want to replace them with other methods such as an internal breast lift or fat grafting.

Candidates for Breast Revision Surgery

  • Capsular Contracture: Capsular contracture is one of the most common and frustrating complications following breast augmentation surgery. It usually occurs within 4 to 6 weeks of surgery due to bacteria introduced into the surgical area from the patient’s skin. As time progresses, the tissue around the breast implant shrinks, compressing the implant and causing it to feel hard and look unnatural. In some cases, the breast becomes painful to touch.
  • Ruptured Implants: Saline or silicone implants can rupture, which occurs when the outer silicone shell has ‘sprung a leak’. While this is not immediately dangerous to a patient’s health, it does give a deflated look to the breast. Ruptured devices need to be removed and replaced if desired. There are other options available to achieve a beautiful and natural breast.
  • Symmastia: Another condition that Dr. Solomon can repair is called symmastia, commonly called Uniboob or Breadloafing. This is a condition in which the skin covering the sternum pulls away from the chest wall as a result of over-aggressive dissection during surgery. This allows the left and right breast implant to move toward each other. This creates a web-like appearance between the breasts.
  • Double Bubble: A ‘double bubble’ occurs when the breast implant falls below the original inframammary fold which is the place where the breast meets the chest. This causes a bubble effect below the main projection of the breast. The incision made in this area is the key to successful breast implant surgery.
  • Implant Malposition: Implant malposition is the result of implants migrating to other locations. This includes implants that are too high (superior malposition), too low (inferior malposition), too far toward the armpit (lateral malposition), or too far towards the center of the chest (symmastia). These conditions are not uncommon and can be repaired.
  • Rippling: Some patients develop palpable or visible rippling of their implants following placement. This more commonly occurs with saline devices. It also occurs more commonly in implants that have been placed above the muscle.

About the Procedure

The procedure for breast implant removal or replacement is short, generally lasting 30 minutes. If a patient is undergoing a removal without a replacement implant, Dr. Solomon will likely use the same incision that was used for the original breast augmentation surgery. If the implant is filled with a saline solution, he may deflate the implant before removal. The saline solution will be naturally absorbed by the body over time and is not dangerous.

Breast surgery revision to correct a capsular contracture consists of removing the scar tissue that has formed in the implant pocket as well as the implant. If another implant will be inserted during the breast revision surgery, the procedure will include the use of acellular dermal matrices or ADMs which are highly successful in helping the body accept the implants and keep them in place.

Aftercare and Recovery

The recovery period is generally seven to ten days. Once the bruising and tenderness are gone, the patient can return to her normal activities. Most patients can drive a car and return to work or social activities after a week. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for four to six weeks following surgery, as it can cause uncomfortable swelling to occur. Following surgery, it is important to sleep with your head and back elevated to reduce swelling in the area. Two days after surgery, you may take off the dressing and shower. If drains are placed, a shower should not be taken until 24 hours after the drains are removed. Drains are usually removed after three days.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results of treatment may vary.

Cost of Breast Revision Surgery

The average cost of breast revision surgery may vary based on each patient. We’ll assess the contours of your body and discuss your aesthetic goals to develop a customized treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific needs. Once we have determined the ideal surgical plan for your specific needs, we’ll talk to you about the cost that you can expect to pay. If you require payment assistance, we also provide affordable financing options with payments that are easy to manage.

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