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A woman’s body goes through a number of different changes with the progression of time. One problem that many women deal with is saggy breasts. This issue can be the result of hormonal changes, pregnancy, and even the natural aging process. These factors may lead to weakened breast structures and the formation of the dreaded saggy appearance. Sagging breasts can adversely affect a woman’s appearance and make her look out of shape and make her feel self-conscious about her appearance.

Also known as ptosis, this saggy appearance varies in severity. It is classified as Grade I, II, or III depending on the extent or severity of sagging of the nipple. Fortunately, saggy breasts can be remedied with a periareolar lift. This breast lift procedure is designed to reduce breast sag and help women achieve a more aesthetically pleasing bust.

Treating Breast sagging

The breast lift is a procedure that helps to lift up sagging breast. Also known as mastopexy, the breast lift involves removing excess skin in the breast and reducing the size of the areola (the area around the nipple). This helps to lift the breast and prevent it from sagging while enhancing their proportions.

The procedure requires invasive surgery and is performed on an outpatient basis. This means patients undergoing the procedure can return home the same day of the surgery.

Breast Lift Before & After
Breast Lift Before & After

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The Periareolar Lift Technique

The periareolar lift is also referred to as the donut lift. This technique for performing the breast lift is used for mild to moderate levels of sagging. Usually, it is done for Grade I sagging. In most cases, the periareolar lift is done along with breast augmentation when symptoms of sagging are more pronounced.

Breast augmentation is a procedure to increase the size of the breasts. It involves placing an implant in the chest area that leads to an increase in breast size. Breast augmentation helps to increase breast size, while the periareolar lift helps to lift up the sagging breast allow the breast to be pert. This improves the overall appearance of the patient.

I recently made the decision to have a Mastopexy, or breast lift. I put the decision off a long time due to my skin complexion and scarring. My skin is SUPER sensitive to everything and I just knew the scars would be horrible. Due to losing slightly over 20 lbs., it became apparent that I needed to have this procedure more than I was concerned about the scarring. I am post surgery 2 weeks, and am truly amazed at my results. The scarring is not what I thought it was going to be. Dr Solomon was able to lift my breast 5″ from where they were! He took time and care when it came to my worries of the scarring and having sensitive skin. My worries related to any issues I had were gone, and I was comfortable. I took the local anesthetic option, was given a light sedative to relax me and felt no pain during the procedure. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Solomon and his staff to anyone wanting/needing to undergo a cosmetic procedure. He and his staff take pride and joy in making your decision the BEST decision!

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The Procedure

The periareolar lift involves two incisions that lead to a donut-shaped section of the skin being removed. This is the reason this lift is also referred to as a donut lift. During the procedure, Dr. Solomon will make two incisions around the areola. These incisions are concentric. Once the excess skin is removed and the corrections are made, the two incisions are joined together. The position of the nipple is then raised after which the incision is closed.

The benefit of this technique is that the incisions are around the areola and hence not visible even when swimwear is worn. Over time, the incision would blend into the areola, keeping the post-surgical mark hidden.

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A breast lift is an excellent solution for women who desire an improvement in the look and feel of their breasts. If you’re interested in learning more about the procedure, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. George Solomon today.

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