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Six Pack Abs Liposculpture has shown to be an effective bodysculpting procedure to define abdominal muscles, sculpting the appearance of a six pack contour in the abdominal area. To stay looking fit and attractive, many men devote a large portion of their exercise routine to building abdominal muscles that give a toned and fit appearance.

Unfortunately even with exercise, not everybody can achieve that athletic six pack abs definition. Then due to body type and genetics, some men find it difficult to increase the definition of abdominal muscles even with strenuous abdominal exercises.

For this reason Dr. George Solomon performs Six Pack Abs Liposculpture for men who want a naturally toned and strong look.


Our six pack abs before and after pictures speak volumes about the incredible success our clients have achieved with our 6 pack abs liposculpture and bodysculpting procedures. Take a look at the two remarkable transformations below to see the tangible evidence of our expertise, and dedication to helping you achieve your body goals.

These images showcase the dramatic changes that are possible when you choose Solomon Cosmetic Center for your six pack abs bodysculpting journey. If you’re eager to see more inspiring results, don’t forget to explore our extensive bodsculpting procedures for men gallery for additional six pack abs before & after pictures.

Your dream body is just a virtual consultation away with Solomon Cosmetic Center.

tampa cosmetic surgery 6 pack abs
cosmetic surgery 6 pack abs



This cutting-edge solution is for those seeking to achieve defined and sculpted abdominal muscles through bodysculpting. Central to this procedure is VASER liposuction, an acronym for “vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance.” This advanced ultrasound technology employs powerful waves to disrupt the bonds between fat cells, effectively loosening them from the deeper tissues. The key differentiator of VASER liposuction is its precision and gentleness, making it an ideal choice for cosmetic bodysculpting.

Our skilled and experienced team of cosmetic surgeons utilizes VASER technology to delicately target and remove excess fat while preserving your underlying healthy tissue. This procedure is highly controlled and allows us to be extremely precise, ensuring that we enhance the natural contours of your abdominal muscles. By disrupting the connection between fatty tissue and the muscles underneath, we can sculpt your abdominal area to reveal the six pack abs you’ve always desired. The results achieved with our Six Pack Abs Liposculpture Procedure are nothing short of transformative, delivering a sculpted and defined appearance that boosts your confidence.

At Solomon Cosmetic Center, our commitment to excellence in both technology and artistry is what sets us apart. We understand that achieving your ideal physique through bodysculpting is a personal journey, and we are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. ]


            SIX PACK ABS

Following the six pack abs bodyscupting procedure, patients go home the same day and return to work within 2-5 days. Some pain, swelling and bruising is expected. all of which can be managed with medications and proper care. Dr. Solomon will fit you with a medical compression garment that you must wear for about three to six weeks. This will help minimize swelling.

You will also be provided specific instructions about what you can and cannot do in the days and weeks following the procedure. This includes not lifting anything that weighs 10 pounds or more. Each week following abdominal etching, the six pack definition of the abdomen will become more and more obvious until final results are achieved 2-3 months later.

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before and after bodysculpting 6 pack abs

Six Pack Abs Bodysculpting

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