Everyone wants to look and feel great about themselves. Of course, aging doesn’t do much to help, but a facelift goes a long way. It helps restore the tightness in your face and gives you a bright and young look.

Men have not been left behind when it comes to cosmetic procedures. In 2019, facelift surgeries were part of the top five surgical procedures performed, and men made up 10% of these statistics. Since most people are obsessed with facelift surgeries for women, it’s good to mention what men should expect from the procedure.


Does a Male Facelift differ from a Female Facelift?

Yes. Although the dynamics are slightly different for each gender, women often receive facelifts to eliminate wrinkles and reduce the jowls and deep lines from their cheeks. Women will get facelifts for a soft, delicate appearance, but the contrary is true for men.

Men usually get facelifts to appear more ‘rugged’ and masculine. The male facelift seeks to create a more defined, chiseled jawline, and most importantly, it removes the loose turkey-gobble folds on the neck.

Dr. George Solomon runs the best male facelift center in Tampa; we offer facelifts for both men and women. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeon can help reverse the effects of gravity on your face while making you look fresh and young.

Wrinkles and loose, sagging skin happens to everyone. But it’s easier than ever to make a lasting change in your appearance. If you are like most men and women, a facelift in the Tampa Bay area performed at the Solomon Cosmetic Center is exactly what you need.

We serve men and women in their 40s and older once they decide to ‘turn back the clock.’

Please book an online consultation with us today to discuss your eligibility for this procedure, and we promise you shall leave our clinic looking and feeling great about yourself.


Why do Male and Female Facelifts Differ?

The manifold differences between men and women contribute to the distinctions in their facelifts.

To start with, women have thinner skin, which makes the facelifts slightly less challenging for the surgeon, and they also have leaner muscles and connective tissues in the face compared to men.

Also, most patients choose liposuction in the neck as part of their facelift surgical procedure. Neck liposuction in men is more challenging as the fat is usually more difficult to remove and fibrous.

Surgeons with significant experience in cosmetic surgery for men in Tampa can help them achieve natural results through a male facelift.

Here’s a look at the differences between the two:

Facial Hair

Surgical cosmetic treatment for men is different from women’s and more tedious due to thicker facial hair.

Physicians must be careful not to make incisions that will disrupt hair follicles or cause excessive scarring that will prevent hair from regrowing. Therefore, the incisions must be camouflaged so they are unnoticeable.

In women, the incision is done behind the tragus of the ear to hide the scar, while in men, it is done in front of the tragus so hair-bearing skin will not be drawn into the ear.

Aesthetic Differences

Men and women have different views when it comes to beauty. Men tend to value sharper facial features, while women prefer delicate parts.

The goal of surgical cosmetic treatment for men is to define the jawline and contour the neck, while that of female facelifts is to smoothen the face and neckline and restore the natural oval shape.

Anatomical Differneces

The facial anatomy of men and women are not the same, making facelift procedures different regarding sex.

Women tend to have weaker facial ligaments and skeletal structures than men, requiring the physician to use less force when performing facelifts.

When performing female facelifts, the surgeon must be careful not to excise too much lax muscle or overly pull the skin, which could result in a highly tight appearance.

Men often have heavier faces with thicker skin, especially around the lower half of their faces.

Skilled technicians handling cosmetic surgery for men use more rigorous treatment methods to obtain results.

Men also have more veins and arteries in their faces, so physicians must be more careful to avoid scarring and bleeding.


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