Elaine Perez

Meet Elaine Perez

Establishing both herself and her services on a foundation of integrity, Eliane is a highly trusted aesthetics professional whose underlying goal is to ensure patients attain the advanced treatment, results, and experiences they deserve. Specializing heavily in customized facials, laser hair removal, and phlebotomy, Eliane has an extensive background involving the intricacies of optimizing patient care along with the proper execution of various aesthetic enhancement processes. Even more, she enjoys nothing more than continuously leveraging that dynamicity to ensure her patients both succeed and feel confident as they navigate toward the exciting (and oftentimes intimidating) world of self-investment.

Native to Cuba and later making Tampa her home since age 4, Eliane learned early on that the aesthetics sector was the career path she wanted to pursue. Part of that stems from her innate passion for supporting beauty initiatives, and the other from her natural-born patience and empathy towards others. With that as her base, Eliane quickly shifted her initial vision to be a teacher after graduating high school in 2019 to the aesthetics industry, completing her medical aesthetician course from The Beauty & Health Institute along with completing a phlebotomist course to diversify her education. Today, Eliane is currently a medical assistant and aesthetician at Solomon Cosmetic Center and is renowned for not just delivering patients the concierge services they merit but also for supporting them every step of the way as they venture through this fruitful process.

“Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves both inside and out. And having the opportunity to support that goal every single day is what truly makes this industry so unbelievably rewarding.” – Eliane Perez.

Overall, Eliane is passionate about cultivating grandeur results that enable patients to look and feel their best and doing so all within a safe, secure, and cordial environment. From facials, laser treatments to phlebotomy, she has a genuine passion for accentuating the esthetic journey and demonstrates that through her ongoing cross-field research, fully customized services, and her uplifting/adaptive nature that inspires new levels of patient confidence. This, in conjunction with her reputation for exceeding both surgeon and patient expectations, is what positioned Eliane to become the respected field professional she is today – one who values the pursuit of positive self-image, fostering sustainable results, and helping all walks of life unlock the best version of themselves.

Free time? When Eliane is not with a patient or staying updated on new industry innovations, you can often find her fulfilling her foodie side, heading to the beach, taking on her newly formed passion for fitness, and above all, spending time with her friends and family.


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