When it’s Summer, everyone talks about getting a ‘beach body’ or a ‘summer body,’ but how can you achieve one? Well, it requires you to find the right treatments to achieve your ultimate goal. With enhanced summer bodies, you will get your self-confidence back, to wear that bikini!

There are many treatment options you can opt for, such as:

  • Male breast reduction, and
  • Breast augmentation


How Can You Get An Enhanced Summer Body?

One of the best options for getting an enhanced summer body is through cosmetic surgery in Clearwater, FL.

This includes procedures such as liposuction, a breast lift, and a tummy tuck that can boost your confidence and allow you to enjoy some fun in the sun with a newly contoured body.


When Should You Consider Plastic Surgery in Tampa?

You should only consider cosmetic surgery in Clearwater, FL. when you are in good health.

Also, the best time to get plastic surgery for your enhanced summer body would be in the fall or winter, when the body has enough time to recuperate correctly in preparation for summer.


Most Popular Options For Cosmetic Surgery In Tampa FL.


Liposuction is the gold standard and a minimally invasive procedure for restoring your body’s contour. There are fewer scars and less recovery time compared to most other cosmetic surgery options.


Body Lift 

Body lift with cosmetic surgery in Tampa is a highly effective plastic surgery technique for individuals who have excess skin, fat, and other tissues that have remained after significant weight loss. The recuperation time after a body lift depends on the extent of the correction required. Recovery can take a month or longer in most cases.


Tummy Tuck 

A tummy tuck surgery can improve the appearance of your waist and offer you great confidence. Cosmetic surgery helps eliminate extra skin that has developed as a result of weight reduction, pregnancy, or aging.

It can also be used with liposuction to reduce fat deposits and give you a more toned and trim body.

The Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa, Florida

If you are looking for an enhanced summer body, book a consultation with Dr. Solomon today. We will ensure you have that perfect body you are looking for just before the summer season hits! 



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