If you look at your latest selfie and see droopy jowls, deep nasolabial folds, and wrinkles, you are a candidate for a facelift. Dr. George Solomon at Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa, FLA, is a top cosmetic surgeon who gives each patient a customized surgery that yields a youthful and natural look. Dr. Solomon has done thousands of facelifts. Before you come for your consultation, enjoy looking at his Before and After Gallery to see the dramatic results of a facelift surgery. Facelifts are done on an out-patient basis and downtime has been decreased drastically thanks to new surgical techniques.

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When you come to Dr. Solomon’s beautiful office for a consultation, the staff makes you feel welcome and at ease. They take your vitals and solicit important medical-history information. Dr. Solomon takes his time to patiently listen to your concerns and help you understand which procedure or procedures would be best for you. His consultation will include pictures and computer imaging, and he will patiently answer all of your burning questions. After a thorough consultation, you will feel confident that Dr. Solomon can give you the special look you want.

What’s It All About?

A facelift is a surgical procedure, so there are incisions made to remove the folds and excess skin. Typically, a facelift incision starts at the hairline and goes above and in front of the ear. It continues downward and comes under the ear. At the back of the ear, the incision continues until it ends in the around the hairline behind the ear.

Dr. Solomon will remove the skin and fatty tissues and lift the muscle and connective tissue forward to correct problem areas. If he feels it’s necessary, he will secure the muscle and fascia with stitches.   The wound is closed with sutures and skin staples. Then bandages are applied.

After reading about facelift surgery, you can see the importance of having a highly-qualified, skilled surgeon. Dr. George Solomon, who is an expert with extensive training and experience, is supremely qualified to help you achieve your aesthetic dreams.

After Surgery

Dr. Solomon and his staff will make sure you know everything you need to know to recover quickly. They will give you careful post-op instructions and follow up on you after surgery. The Dr. will discuss pain medication, ice treatment, bathing, and bandages and more with you as part of the post-op plan. You can call Solomon Cosmetic Center at any time with questions. You will also schedule follow up visits so Dr. Solomon can check your progress.

Bruising will diminish as the first week progresses. Swelling takes several weeks to abate, so you will need to be patient to see the full result of the surgery. Gradually, you will return to your normal activities as healing progresses.

The facelift is a popular procedure for men and women. It returns your youthful good looks and the results last for years. If you have been thinking about a facelift and put it off time and time again, now is the time to consult with Dr. George Solomon and get the process started. Think of all the selfies you will take in the coming years and how wonderful it will be to look “like a million” in those pictures.

Dr. George Solomon’s patients appreciate his dedication and passion for plastic surgery. They know he wants them to look their very best. He is not just “a” plastic surgeon in Tampa, FLA; he is “THE” plastic surgeon in Tampa. Make an appointment today. His office is conveniently located to serve the Tampa/ Clearwater area.

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