The penis width and girth enhancement procedure (PWAG) is a non-surgical procedure used in enlarging the male sex organ. Unlike surgical approaches, the PWAG procedures use the male enlargement injections method. PWAG is highly regarded because patient recovers from the procedure faster than surgical treatment, and they can even have sex 48 hours after the procedure in most cases.

PWAG and dermal fillers work by injection method: the dermal fillers are injected into the shaft of the male penis; this increases the penis width and girth. Penis girth and width are essential in sensational penetration: the more the size, the more the sexual effects.


PWAG Enhancement Procedure For Men

The PWAG enhancement procedure for men is how a cosmetic surgeon carries out the PWAG and dermal fillers. Anesthesia is used during PWAG enhancement procedures for men; Dr. Solomon carries out this procedure using both local and topical anesthesia. Lidocaine is used to induce the block before introducing the dermal fillers. Once the Lidocaine is injected into the base of the penis, a small opening is made for introducing the blunt cannula – the blunt cannula is first introduced to prepare the body for dermal fillers. Dermal fillers play an important role in the PWAG enhancement procedure for men, although it causes some reactions – this is why blunt cannula is first introduced before dermal fillers.


Choices For PWAG Enhancement Procedure For Men

Patients can choose the procedures used in PWAG and dermal fillers. The options are discussed during consultation. Choosing the best procedure for patients during male enlargement injection doesn’t rely solely on the doctor, so patient-doctor communication is vital. At Cosmetic Surgeon of Tampa, we emphasize the importance of communication and note all the details or choices made by our patients.


Meet Our Doctor Today

The surgeon who undertakes your PWAG and dermal fillers contributes significantly to the procedure’s success. If otherwise, there would be many complications. Trust our 21 years of experience in aesthetic procedures. We have the best exposure to tackle all kinds of PWAG, including male enlargement injections, and dermal fillers, among others. You can book for consultation from our contact page, or you may call any of the service lines today. 

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