Dr. Solomon compares the Mini Facelift and Full Facelift, two procedures that can make a huge impact on the youthfulness of the face.

“When do I need or a patient needs a full facelift, and when do they need a mini facelift? A full facelift is basically for patients who have a lot of wrinkled skin in the neck area and jowels. Even though with a mini facelift you’re able to lift up the jowels a little bit and give it a nice, beautiful lift. However, if you have a lot of redundant skin in the neck, then you will need a full facelift.

In a full facelift, we make a small incision under the chin area. Then we go do a little bit of liposuction under the chin, and then we plicate or tie up the platysmal muscle so it’s not hanging. Once we tie up that muscle, then we release all the skin from the muscle and then make the incision inside the ear and a little bit above the head and take it all the way back to the hair line. We pull all the skin back , we tighten the muscle inside the face, and pull everything upward. Extra skin we cut it, then we stitch it back with some absorbable stitches. And these stitches, in about one week, they dissolve and you’re on your way to go.

A mini facelift is what we sometimes call and S-Lift or Mini Scar, where the scar only goes in the hairline, a little bit inside the ear, and it stops at the earlobe. And this is for the people who don’t have a lot of redundant skin and their chin is tight and they don’t need any liposuction in the neck area or tightening of the neck area. It’s a very short procedure, it doesn’t take very long. We tighten the muscle inside, we lift up the skin over it or drape the skin over it, and then extra skin is removed. and then the area is stitched with absorbable stitches that last for about 5 days, and then again you’re all done. And this can be done in about 2 hours.”

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