Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Non-Invasive Body Contouring

George Solomon, M.D., Cosmetic Surgeon of Tampa, offers his patients in the Tampa, Florida, area surgical and nonsurgical body contouring procedures. Non-surgical body contouring or body shaping can be the answer to keeping your skin toned an tight along with removing areas of unwanted fat.  Keeping your body in shape as you age can be a daunting experience. No matter how hard you try, little pockets of fat begin to appear around your waist, love handles, flanks, hips, and thighs. Fortunately, new technology has arrived that can help keep you staying slim and sleek without having to undergo surgery.


An entire population who previously weren’t interested in cosmetic procedures are now very interested in what these non-surgical devices can accomplish. In terms of popularity, helped by massive marketing campaigns, non-surgical fat removal options have earned a meteoric rise in adoption.


Non-surgical body contouring devices, whether aimed at fat removal, cellulite improvement, and/or skin tightening, absolutely do work, in the right patient. The right conditions need to be met for their use to be warranted and effective. Otherwise, patients may end up spending more time and money to fix an area that could have been done in an hour with liposuction.   As always, it’s important for patients to do their research on treatments they are considering and ask pertinent questions Dr. Solomon and the knowledgeable staff at Solomon Cosmetic Center about how effective they might be considering their unique body.

I wouldn’t change a thing. Everyone in your office is just great! They are all so kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. Each time I come in, they take time to answer all of my questions. They truly believe in what they do and you can tell they want the very best results for me. They make the uncomfortable comfortable and are very professional and down to earth.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results of treatment may vary.

by J. M., verified patient of Dr. George Solomon.


There are numerous noninvasive body-contouring devices currently available on the market. These devices broadly deliver an external form of energy that causes changes in the underlying adipocytes. The devices can be classified according to the type of energy used. At Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa, FL, Dr. George Solomon offers three body contouring devices to  help slim and tone areas of the body:

  • ThermiTight® RF  Utilizes a small electrode inserted under the skin to heat tissue to a clinician-selected therapeutic temperature. By applying radiofrequency energy directly to the targeted tissues, ThermiTight can immediately restore skin tightness and tone in the abdominal area for a more youthful profile. The effects can last for several years, improving the way clothes fit and providing a boost to your self-image.
  • Ultra Sonic Cavitation  Fat is burst-ed using low-frequency ultrasound waves.

Verified Patient Reviews

Alise Martinez

By far the best experience I’ve had with a surgeon in his profession and office staff! The entire team at Solomon Cosmetic ROCKS! I started my journey with them back in September of 2020, after searching extensively for a great surgeon in my area to do a BBL. From day one Dr. Solomon and all his office staff were very inviting, warm, engaged, and helpful in explaining any and all questions and concerns I had about the procedure I was inquiring about. Very pleased to have had virtual and in person consultations with the doctor and staff before making the decision in choosing them. I couldn’t have picked a better team! Dr. Solomon definitely delivered what I asked for, and the entire experience was easy and perfect! I am super excited to be his patient again this year!

Judy pietrangeli

Excellent staff and very honest doctor. Dr. Solomon does not lead the patient one way or the other, like a few other Doctors I have spoken with.i believe his reviews speak for this practice. I will definitely return.

Babylove Quitoe

I did my breast implants on the 8th of December. Dr. Solomon did a very good job and his team was very nice and friendly and he’s a very good doctor. I really love him, god bless you and thank you for changing my life. I’m doing wonderful just after 3 days after my surgery. I 100% recommend Dr. Solomon 🙏

Dona Morrow

What a wonderfully warm office and staff welcoming new patients in with all the knowledge needed to make perfect decisions for approaching the aging years. And, thank you Dr Solomon fir the incredible recommendations and work done. I am happy to have found you after my move from Texas.

Michelle Turner

I have picked and utilized Dr. Solomon for many surgeries, as a 44 year old woman I wanted to enhance and fix some of the aging on my face and body. Dr. Solomon and his staff for the last several years have been great to work with and made me feel comfortable on all visits. He has the best bedside manners and the nurses care about your overall experience and aftercare. I highly recommend and will continue to go to his practice for all my plastic surgery and Botox needs.


Contact Dr. George Solomon today to learn more about aesthetic procedures such as the brow lift that can make you look and feel younger. Dr. Solomon attracts patients from all over Florida including Tampa, Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Brandon, Palm Harbor, and Largo.

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