Yes. It is possible to get a  penile enlargement in under 45 minutes, thanks to plastic surgery experts.

Most men are actually pretty self-conscious about their size and are constantly looking for male enlargement surgery in Tampa bay.

Since the penis is quite sensitive, and you need it for more functions than one, the best thing you can do is get an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Solomon to do the job.


Here’s How You Can Get A Penile Enlargement In Under 45 Minutes

You can achieve any size of penis you want through the PWAG enhancement procedure for men, which stands for Penile Width And Girth enlargement. If you are wondering how you can achieve a bigger penis, here is a breakdown of the procedure:

Dr. Solomon will start by applying a local anesthetic that makes your penis numb. Next, he will inject a filler at the base of the penis, introducing a complete block. The next step is to make a small incision to put a cannula through which the filler is injected.

There is a range of variety in the filler, including revanesse, Juvederm and fat transfer, which can be a little more invasive. This process takes at most 30 minutes!


How Much Does Penile Enlargement Cost?

If you are looking to have your male enlargement surgery in Tampa Bay, the cost depends on what size of penis you want and how much HA filler you will use.

The cosmetic surgeon you use will also determine the total cost of the procedure. Contact the Solomon cosmetic center today, to get a breakdown of the whole penile enlargement procedure.


Benefits Of The Penile Enlargement Procedure

It Boosts Confidence

The size of your penis should not determine how you view yourself. However, bigger penises are associated with bringing more pleasure to women in addition to adding to a man’s physical aesthetic. This helps in boosting self-confidence.

You can get this confidence with the help of male enlargement injections.


It Increases Pleasure

The issue of whether or not size matters during sexual experiences has long been discussed, and while there is no definite answer, men can’t help but feel like it does. Having a male enlargement surgery in Tampa Bay can make all the difference in your sex life.

This is mostly because you will feel more confident with a large penis, and, therefore, more open to giving and experiencing pleasure without any anxiety.

Sexual pleasure requires stimulation of both your penis and your partner’s vagina, and the male injections can give you the length and girth to help stimulate your partner as well as to receive stimulation. An absolute win-win!


It Helps Adjust to Your Partner’s Changes

Life comes with many changes, some of which are amazing and drastic. Childbirth is one of those major and wonderful changes. However, childbirth takes a toll on the mother’s body. This doesn’t have to affect your sex life.

Opting for a penile enlargement procedure can help increase the girth, ensuring that you adjust to your partner’s changes and thus meet their sexual needs.


It has an Easy Healing

The male enlargement injections are safe, and their effects last only a week at most, after which there is no swelling or pain.

Interestingly, you can resume your sexual activities after 48 hours of the treatment. In two days, you can achieve your desired penis size!


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At the Solomon Cosmetic Center, we do penile enlargements in under 45 minutes. Contact us today to speak to Dr. Solomon and get a run-down on the whole procedure. We have a lot of other procedures we can perform, which include;

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