Recovery From Liposuction Can Have You Out to the Beach in no Time!

Recovery From Liposuction

If you think recovery from Liposuction is a long process – think again! Expert liposuction surgeon, George Solomon M.D., performs liposuction in his own new surgery suite located in his office in Clearwater, FL. Liposuction is done as an outpatient procedure using local anesthesia. Therefore, recovery is quick with most people returning to work within a one of two days. Out to the pool or beach in less than 2 weeks!

Knowing what to expect from the liposuction recovery process can help you fully prepare for your procedure. At Solomon Cosmetic Center, we utilize the tumescent technique for the majority of our liposuction procedures because of its many benefits – including a shorter recovery period and less postoperative discomfort.


Post Liposuction

Swelling is a normal side effect of liposuction. Over time, swelling in the treatment area will gradually diminish, revealing your final results. Usually, Dr. Solomon’s patients notice a result immediately after surgery, but there will be some swelling for a few weeks with final improvement in 3 to 6 months.

Dr. Solomon will provide you with a compression garment during the initial stages of liposuction recovery to help minimize swelling and facilitate proper healing.


Let Us Help You Make Stubborn Fat Disappear

Stubborn. Annoying. Will not budge. These are the types of things Dr. Solomon hears when talking to his liposuction patients about unwanted deposits of fat. Thanks to genetics, we are each prone to store fat in specific locations throughout the body, such as the hips, thighs, lower belly, or underneath the chin. This fat is particularly difficult to lose, even with a stellar diet and exercise program.

If stubborn fat is keeping you from loving the way you look, liposuction may be just what you need to trim down unsightly bulges and get a smoother, more toned look that you may not have been able to achieve with diet and exercise alone. Here at Solomon Cosmetic Center, we perform hundreds of liposuction procedures every year—and we love seeing how happy our patients are with their results! By selectively removing fat from your problem areas, we can help you reduce fat deposits while at the same time sculpting an improved shape to the area, enhancing your overall proportions. It’s a win-win solution for a better body!


Fat Transfer

We can also use the unwanted fat by injecting it into the areas you would like to have more volume such as thee face, buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift), and breasts.
Once the fat has been harvested using liposuction techniques, it will be purified and prepared for the injection process. This gives the fat the best chances for survival, as some of the cells will be able to establish themselves in their new location and become permanent over time. The injection process is minimally invasive, and patients can look forward to beautiful, natural-looking results with minimal downtime.


Quicker Recovery From Liposuction, Great Results & Extremely Safe

Dreaming of having a beautiful slimmed down body but don’t think you have the time for a long recovery from liposuction – think again! Recuperation is quick, safe and non-painful. You will be so glad you did this for yourself! Read more about liposuction+

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