Revision breast augmentation at Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa addresses the complications and unsatisfactory results of previous breast augmentation procedures.

Our skilled surgeons, led by Dr. George Solomon, are committed to ensuring that patients achieve their desired breast appearance while correcting any issues from prior surgeries.

This article highlights some common conditions that may necessitate a revision breast augmentation and explains the process involved in the procedure.


Common Conditions for Revision Breast Augmentation

Here are some conditions that may require a revision breast augmentation:


1- Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a frequent complication following breast augmentation, typically occurring within 4 to 6 weeks post-surgery. The tissue surrounding the breast implant shrinks, compressing the implant and making it feel hard and unnatural.

In some cases, the breast becomes painful to touch. Dr. Solomon can address capsular contracture during revision breast augmentation.


2- Ruptured Implants

Implants can rupture when the outer silicone shell springs a leak. Although not immediately dangerous, ruptured implants create a deflated appearance and need to be removed and replaced. Alternative options are available to achieve a natural and attractive breast appearance.


3- Symmastia

Symmastia, also known as Uniboob or Breadloafing, is a condition where the skin covering the sternum detaches from the chest wall due to excessive dissection during surgery. This causes the left and right breast implants to shift towards each other, creating a web-like appearance between the breasts. Dr. Solomon can repair symmastia during a revision procedure.


4- Double Bubble

A double bubble occurs when the breast implant falls below the original inframammary fold (where the breast meets the chest), creating a bubble effect below the breast’s main projection. The incision made in this area is crucial to successful breast implant surgery.


5- Implant Malposition

Implant malposition is when implants migrate to other locations, such as being too high, or low, towards the armpit, or the center of the chest. These conditions can be corrected during revision breast augmentation.


6- Rippling

Rippling is visible or palpable wrinkling of the implants after placement, more common with saline devices and in implants placed above the muscle. Dr. Solomon can address rippling during a revision procedure by repositioning the implant, changing the type of implant, or adding additional tissue support.


The Revision Breast Augmentation Procedure

The procedure for breast implant removal or replacement is typically short, lasting around 30 minutes. Dr. George Solomon often uses the same incision as the original surgery for implant removal without replacement. If the implant is saline-filled, he may deflate it before removal. The saline solution is absorbed by the body over time and poses no danger.

Breast surgery revision to correct capsular contracture involves removing the scar tissue and implant. If another implant is inserted during the revision surgery, acellular dermal matrices (ADMs) are used, which have proven highly successful in helping the body accept and secure the implants.


Aftercare and Recovery

The recovery period usually lasts seven to ten days. Patients can typically return to work, driving, and social activities after a week, once the bruising and tenderness subside. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for four to six weeks to prevent swelling. After surgery, sleep with your head and back elevated to reduce swelling. You may remove the dressing and shower two days post-surgery. If drains are placed, showering is allowed 24 hours after their removal, usually done after three days.


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