Gynecomastia is a procedure that is fortunately offered to men in the Clearwater area that are interested in breast reduction. Specifically, this is a procedure that entails removing excess fat in male breasts to achieve a more flat and toned result. Even though you’re interested in the procedure for becoming a better you, there’s a chance that you’re still unsure about all the benefits a Clearwater cosmetic surgeon can deliver to you. These are just a few of the things that patients in the Clearwater area can enjoy from this procedure.


No More Traumatic Situations

Even from a young age, the toll that enlarged breasts can take on a male in society can be emotionally painful. Normal places that people visit, such as gyms, pools, beaches, or spas, can all be sources of embarrassment and ridicule for men or boys struggling with enlarged breasts. This cosmetic procedure ensures that you can gain your confidence back and face the public with a brand new lease on life.


An Improvement in Body Image

There’s no doubt that your confidence level and body image will improve ten-fold by going on to have a gynecomastia procedure. You’ll find that you won’t dread scenarios that require you to remove your clothing so much, and it’s likely that you’ll even find that your romantic and love life improve by a long shot.


Patients Can Experience a More Tightened, Defined Chest

As you would also expect, this cosmetic procedure ensures that you can look forward to having a flat, manly chest that is certainly touchable and attractive. Any hard work you do in the gym won’t be clouded by excess fat anymore; you can truly achieve the body of your dreams once you decide to undergo this procedure. As you work alongside Dr. Solomon, you will find out what route is best for you in terms of breast reduction, how to minimize scarring, and how to care for your new and improved chest.


Where Should You Start?

The first step you should take is getting acquainted with the procedure and the types of results you can look forward to. George Solomon, M.D. is fully equipped with years of experience and education to assist you in your journey to a brighter, more confident you. Dr. Solomon specializes in Clearwater cosmetic surgery and gynecomastia at Solomon Cosmetic Center. What are you waiting for? Find out about the dramatic, positive effects this cosmetic surgery can have on your body and life here at Solomon Cosmetic Center.

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