In Palm Harbor, Florida, and the surrounding area, the weather is temperate year round. If it’s a nice day you could be wearing shorts, skirts, or even a bikini. If your backside is not your best feature, [primary_doctors] can reshape it with his signature procedure, the Brazilian Butt Lift, a safe form of cosmetic surgery that does not involve implants and has the added benefit of using the patient’s own tissue.

During the Brazilian butt lift procedure, fat is harvested from selected areas of the body and injected into the buttocks to give it a full, rounded, lifted appearance. Common areas liposuctioned to harvest fat include the lower back―directly above the butt― the stomach, and the thighs. This fat transfer and injection method gives you a shapely look, and the added benefit is that the liposuctioned area is now much leaner.

The technique used to harvest fat is gentle to ensure we have a high concentration of stem cells, which produces better blood supply and ultimately the ideal appearance. This less-invasive enhancement procedure offers natural-looking, longer-lasting results, with less risk and no need to return for frequent maintenance. The results are amazing:

  • Create a curvy bottom without synthetic, foreign implants
  • Remove stubborn fat from one area using it for additional curves elsewhere
  • Get a perky, more lifted bigger buttocks
  • Achieve a round or heart-shaped derriere

The recovery period for a Brazilian Butt Lift differs from person to person. Just as the procedure is custom tailored to work on your specific areas of concern, the recovery time is as well. Everyone handles recovery differently; however, you should plan at least a week before returning to normal activities. Regular follow-up visits are required to check the healing process. Dr. Solomon’s staff will help you every step of the way to ensure you get your ideal curves and the body you desire.

Make an appointment at The [primary_practice] for a consultation. The amazing results of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery will give your derriere the WOW factor and smooth and beautify another area at the same time. This less invasive enhancement procedure offers natural-looking, longer-lasting results, with fewer risks, and no need to return for frequent maintenance.

As a skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Solomon, has performed thousands of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures for patients in the Tampa, FL, area. It is actually one of his most performed surgeries, and he is well known in the Tampa area because of his talent and patient referrals for this procedure.

Don’t delay. Get the VIP treatment at the [primary_practice]. With The Brazilian, you can expect more lifted, bigger buttocks—more rounded, heart-shaped, and perky—the perfect accessory for any outfit.

[primary_doctors] cares for patients throughout the United States. Locally, his patients come from all over Florida and the Tampa area. If you would like more information about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, call to schedule a consultation. Dr. Solomon will help you make your cosmetic dreams come true.


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