The PWAG procedure is already satisfying on its own accord, but it gets even better with ThermiVA treatment. ThermiVA treatment is the perfect match for the PWAG procedure because it exponentially enhances the experience for both parties.

Both procedures are short and satisfying and increase the self-esteem of those involved. There are many reasons that will cause a person to undergo a PWAG or vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

These reasons may be medical, psychological, or have to do with physical appearance. The plump and enlarged look of a penis after PWAG gives men the confidence to stimulate and excite their partners in the bedroom.

Dr. Solomon of the Solomon Cosmetic Center is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, offering both male enlargement injections and non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

Combining Penis Width and Girth enlargement – PWAG with amazing vaginal rejuvenation to tighten the canal will significantly increase sensation and enjoyment during intercourse. This is why ThermiVA treatment is the perfect match for PWAG Procedure.


ThermiVA Treatment

ThermiVA is a non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation procedure aiming to improve the vagina’s appearance and elasticity.

The procedure uses radiofrequency laser energy to build collagen and enhance elasticity in the inner and outer vaginal tissues.

As the procedure is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment, ThermiVA is outpatient and involves no pain or hospitalization.

Women of all ages can benefit from ThermiVA vaginal treatment. Still, it is mainly intended for women who have given birth or noticed age-related changes in the vaginal tissue.

One of the biggest advantages of ThermiVA vaginal rejuvenation is that it is a straightforward and painless procedure that requires no recovery after treatment. You can walk in and out of your session like nothing ever happened.

Other benefits include;

  • It tightens loose vaginal skin
  • Improves vaginal appearance
  • Minimizes sagging labia minora and major tissue
  • Improves sexual sensation by increasing blood flow
  • Gives the vagina a youthful appearance

Penis Width and Girth Enlargement (PWAG) Procedure

PWAG – Penis Width and Girth Enlargement is a non-surgical procedure where a dermal filler is injected into the penal shaft to increase width and girth. PWAG helps men feel less self-conscious about their package size, allowing them to enjoy the sexual experience fully.

Women undergo various changes during childbirth, which causes the vaginal canal to stretch. This will consequently affect the sensation you experience, as the vaginal canal plays a role in stimulation.

For this reason, increasing the penis width and girth is more beneficial than length. Healing from PWAG is not a complicated process.

Male enlargement injections are safe, and the swelling and pain fade after a week. You can achieve your desired penis size and resume sexual activities after 48 hours of treatment.

PWAG has several benefits, including;

  • It boosts your self-confidence
  • It increases pleasure for you and your partner
  • It helps you adjust to your partner’s changes

Are You Looking to have ThermiVA and PWAG Procedures Done in Tampa?

Please contact The Solomon Cosmetic Center for these treatments and any other you may be interested in. Dr. Solomon is the best cosmetic surgeon in Tampa and offers all cosmetic surgery procedures. You can trust him! Here’s a look at other procedures you can find at the center.

We would love to help you get to your ideal look. Please book an appointment with Dr. Solomon today!

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