Surgery at the Solomon Cosmetic Center Can Make Your Dreams Come True

George Solomon, M.D., at Solomon Cosmetic Center in Palm Harbor, FL, has heard a lot of nicknames for women’s mammary glands. “Boobs” is probably the most common one. Biologically, their primary purpose is to feed an infant; but that simple, practical definition is just the beginning. Throughout history breasts have been featured in paintings, sculptures, and photographs. The advertising world bases entire marketing campaigns on them. Breasts have been linked more to sexuality and sensuality than suckling since time began.

Surgical Advances

In the field of medicine, there are now surgical procedures that can give you the full, voluptuous, shapely breasts you have always wanted. The important thing is to select the right top cosmetic surgeon plastic surgeon to do the job. Whether you want breast augmentation, a breast lift, breast revision, or breast reduction, Dr. George Solomon is the right doctor to choose. He is a skilled surgeon who is passionate about making his patients look more beautiful and feel more confident. You are in excellent hands with Dr. Solomon and his team at Solomon Cosmetic Center.

See For Yourself

Schedule a consultation and you will see that Dr. Solomon takes his time to discuss your aesthetic goals, listen to your concerns, and answer your questions. He wants to make sure you are beyond happy with the outcome of your procedure. Dr. Solomon is a highly qualified physician with years of experience in doing plastic surgery procedures.

Common Surgical Procedures

Dr. Solomon is has many satisfied patients throughout the Southeast. He does all types of breast-related plastic surgery:

  • Breast Augmentation also known as augmentation mammoplasty – To increase the size of your breasts, Dr. Solomon does a fat transfer or uses breast implants.
  • Breast Lift also known as mastopexy – Dr. Solomon repositions the nipple higher on the chest wall to create a “perkier” profile.
  • Breast Revision – Dr. Solomon replaces leaking or ruptured implants or creates a whole new look for his patient.
  • Breast Reduction also known as reduction mammoplasty – Dr. Solomon removes excess breast fat, tissue, and skin to make the breasts more proportionate to the body. This surgery can also alleviate pain that accompanies having large breasts.

If you know you want to “do something” about your boobs, call the Solomon Cosmetic Center and make an appointment for a consultation. You can trust Dr. Solomon to make you look great. His office is conveniently located to serve people throughout the Southeast and in the Tampa, Florida, area.

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