Tips for Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Brazilian Butt Lift

Butt augmentation is an appealing method to enhance your curves and renew your confidence. The Brazilian butt lift is the most popular augmentation option as it makes use of your body’s own fat stores to fill, lift and firm your backside. A few simple tips, like these from the Solomon Cosmetic Center, help ensure the best results after a Brazilian butt lift.

Stay off your bottom

The first three weeks after surgery are the most important for allowing the grafts to ‘take’ and grow. Therefore, it is essential to plan to not sit during those first three weeks. When you return to sitting, be sure to stay off of hard surfaces for a few weeks and use pillows and cushions as recommended by your surgeon.

You will also need to stay off your backside while sleeping. Prior to surgery, get accustomed to a comfortable sleeping position on your back or side. Use pillows as necessary to help you stay off your back during the night if needed.

Save the squats, take a walk

Avoid vigorous exercise for at least four weeks after surgery. While yoga may seem like a nice alternative during this period, squatting and stretching can place pressure on the treated area and damage the blood flow to the new fat grafts. Therefore, plan to make your recovery time one with little strain or stress of any kind on your backside.

The best activity during recovery is walking. Start taking relaxed strolls as soon as possible after surgery. This gentle form of exercise will enhance healing by stimulating blood flow without any excess strain on the treated tissue. Walking is a health-enhancing activity that will also help to counteract some of the effects that pain medication can have on your digestive tract. Walks will keep you healthy and active during this important period of rest and recovery.

Eat well, breathe clean, stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day during your recovery period. While your body heals, it will have increased metabolic demands, including an increased need for water. Fuel your recovery with ample water and a balanced diet to feel and heal better.

Smokers should plan to quit or at least abstain from smoking prior to surgery. Smoking impairs wound healing, reducing the chance that new fat grafts will survive. For the health of your bottom and your body, use your recovery as a chance to finally kick the habit.

A great surgeon for great results

The first step toward the best results from a Brazilian butt lift is the right surgeon. Choose a board certified specialist like George Solomon, MD for a custom tailored surgical plan. Trust the skills of George Solomon MD to provide the surgical skills you want; trust his team at the Solomon Cosmetic Center provide a full scope of pre- and post-surgical support you need. Schedule a consultation at the Solomon Cosmetic Center today to find out more about being you, only better.

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