Liposuction or “lipo” treatments used to remove fat deposits can produce incredible results. However, Dr. George Solomon, founder of the Solomon Cosmetic Center in Palm Harbor, FL, reminds his patients during consultation visits that “lipo” does not correct every figure flaw:

  • It does NOT dissolve cellulite.
  • It is NOT a treatment for obesity.
  • It is NOT a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet.
  • It is NOT a treatment for loose skin.

It’s a Standout Procedure

There are several reasons liposuction is a standout procedure:

  • Slims and reshapes specific areas of the body
  • Improves body contours and proportions
  • One treatment can reshape a problem area
  • One procedure can treat more/larger areas
  • Local or general anesthesia can be used
  • Consistent and reliable results

It’s a Versatile Procedure

Dr. Solomon’s satisfied patients testify that “Lipo” can be life-changing if you have fat deposits in almost any area of the body:

  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen and waist
  • Upper arms
  • Back
  • Inner knee
  • Calves and ankles
  • Cheeks, chin, and neck

Liposuction is perfect for those who have a specific area of the body that has not responded to exercise and diet. It removes stubborn fat deposits and improves body contours.

Ask Dr. Solomon to show you before and after photos of liposuction results.

Potential Liposuction Patients

There are several qualities liposuction candidates share:

  • Healthy adult within 30% of his/her ideal weight
  • Firm, elastic skin with good muscle tone
  • Nonsmoking
  • No medical condition that impairs healing
  • Positive outlook/understands the limitations of liposuction
  • Specific goals for body contouring

During your consultation, Dr. Solomon will also discuss how liposuction can be performed with other plastic surgery procedures such as facelift, breast reduction, or tummy tuck to achieve impressive results.

Post Surgery

When the surgery is complete, the doctor will dress the treated area with compression garments or bandages to control swelling and hold the tissues in place as they heal. It is not uncommon for Dr. Solomon to put a drain in place to remove fluids from the incision area. He will give specific post-op instructions for caring for any drains he places, care of the surgical site, and medication requirements.

Follow-up appointments are important. Dr. Solomon closely monitors his patients to make sure they are healing properly. He and his dedicated staff are always happy to take your calls and speak with you about your concerns.

As the recovery process progresses, Dr. Solomon will let you know when you can return to normal activities. The swelling will disappear over the next few months, and your new contours will be revealed.

Dr. Solomon is a top cosmetic surgeon plastic surgeon with years of experience. He is compassionate and committed to providing excellent results for his patients. Although health insurance does not cover liposuction, The Solomon Cosmetic Center offers patient financing, so there’s not time like the present to get started checking off your list of aesthetic wishes.

Each patient is unique: therefore, results may vary.

George Solomon, MD, DPD, MSc, FAACS, ABMS is a top cosmetic surgeon with over 21 years’ experience in cosmetic and anti-aging procedures. He specializes in minimal downtime cosmetic surgery procedures done under local anesthesia including including Brazilian butt lift, liposuctionbreast augmentationtummy tucksmini tummy tucks, fat transferfacelifts, mini face lifts, and eye lifts. If you live in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Palm Harbor, and Largo give Dr. Solomon’s office a call to set up a consultation. Many of our patients come from out of town, and we have a complete guide to help with your travel: .

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