6 Reasons Why Breast Lift Surgery Is Worth It

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Breast Augmentation

Female breasts are subject to change over time due to factors such as weight loss, pregnancy, and age. Going under the knife to fix sagging breasts might sound crazy but, take a look at some reasons why a breast lift surgery is worth it.


The Desire to Feel and Look Better

Everyone deserves to feel good and look sexy in their clothes. Breast lift surgery provides you with a proportionate figure that will make you look great and feel good about yourself. This can boost your self confidence.

Weight problems, pregnancy and aging can all take their toll on your breasts. After a breast implants surgery in Clearwater Fl., you can finally wear your bra comfortably again. Schedule a breast lift consultation with Dr. Solomon today, to start your journey towards self-confidence.


Elevate Dropping Nipples

Breast lift surgery can do more for your breasts than just elevate them. It can also reduce enlarged areolas and lift drooping nipples for a completely rejuvenated look.


To Reduce Skin Irritation

This is probably one of the many reasons why breast lift surgery is worth it.

Skin irritation is a condition most people with large breasts would understand. It can be quite uncomfortable, especially when the breasts rub against the torso, and underarms, creating chronic rashes.

A breast lift surgery can help eliminate this particular problem. Schedule a breast lift consultation with Dr. Solomon today.


Minimal Scarring

When considering having breast lift surgery, one of the most common concerns is scarring. During the consultation with Dr. Solomon, ensure to ask about this. A breast lift will offer you a dramatic transformation and rejuvenation of your breastks but it will also lead to some very minimal scarring.

The main scars you will have after the surgery include;

  • A ‘donut’ or concentric scar – in this case, the incisions trace all around the areola and when healed, they will be almost invisible.
  • A ‘lollipop’ or Circumvertical scar – this scar is just like what you get with the concentric incision, but in this case it is found around the areola but also adds a vertical line that goes down to the bottom of the breast.
  • An ‘anchor’ or inverted T scar – this particular one comes from the incision that traces around the areola and goes horizontally along the inframammary crease and vertically to the bottom of the breast where the breasts meet with the chest wall.

You should however not worry too much about scarring when it comes to breast lift surgery, as a good doctor such as Dr. Solomon will ensure to create and close the area with careful precision that causes minimal scarring. In fact, the scars may not even be visible.

Schedule a breast lift consultation with Dr. Solomon today.


Long-lasting Results

Another reason why breast lift surgery is worth it is that the results are long-lasting. Most women turn to push-up bras to get that full upper chest look but that’s not sustainable.

Breast lift surgery should be considered an investment. You might spend time and money but the reward is a confidence-boosting appearance that can last up to 10 years or more.

If you’re looking to get breast implants in Clearwater, Florida, the time for treatment is now.


Improved Overall Appearance

A breast lift surgery will increase upper chest fullness and improve your appearance in and out of clothes. The surgery can fix issues such as breasts being firmer, larger, or positioned differently.

This will in turn be a confidence booster to anyone seeking to feel and look younger.


Contact Solomon Cosmetic Center

For more reasons why a breast lift surgery is worth it, contact Solomon Cosmetic Center to hear it from a top cosmetic plastic surgeon.

If you’re looking to get breast implants in Tampa, be sure to visit Solomon Cosmetic Center where you’ll find a certified doctor.

Schedule a breast lift consultation session with us to find out whether it’s right for you.

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